Friday, March 13, 2009

Links for Animators

Just in case any readers don't already check out these sites, these are all excellent for animators, or CG or entertainment in general. Or enthusiasts. Enjoy!

Animation World Network
Excellent news source for the animation industry. Excellent forums and careers page as well.

The Animation Guild Blog
An excellent way to keep up with the industry, this site is posted by the animation union. The author makes frequent visits to many of the local industry companies, allowing for a decent amount of insider info. Also gives a close glimpse of the industry, as many comments are posted by animators.

11 Second Club
Essential for novice animator, this site posts a challenge each month to animate an 11 second audio clip, and the winner receives a professional video critique on the animation as a prize. Forums are very active, and the resources page has some excellent rigs up for free, for Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, and SoftimageXSI. Indispensable website.

Cartoon Brew
One of the best blog sites out there, Cartoon Brew provides many links for animation info, as well as excellent videos for inspiration.

Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog
Great blog for... well illustration and cartooning. Many videos posted frequently.

Great site for videos and articles, all about animation.

Mayerson on Animation

A critical but well written blog by a veteran animator and instructor, all about the mechanics and fine art of animation. Excellent articles. Definitely a good site to check out frequently, particularly for his analytical articles.

Keith Lango Animation
Keith Lango has many critiques and tutorials for animation, as well as an APT (Animation Personal Trainer) service. Great posts very frequently, all examining aspects of animation. Read and watch all of his tutorials and videos! They hold a wealth of valuable information.

Victor Navone's Online Gallery Blog (VNOG Blog)
Victor Navone is a Pixar animator, and although he posts infrequently, his work is good to look through, and he regularly posts excellent articles in relation to animation techniques and concepts.

This is the student organization I've recently become a part of. Our goals entail collaborating with fellow students to enhance our education in any field towards the creative ends (i.e. 2D, 3D, Animation, Web, and almost any New Media field). The blog has many posts about the group, as well many video links. Frequently updated.

Hope these help my fellow animators and enthusiasts! Most of these have RSS feeds, so they are all rather convenient websites.

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